Maiden Voyage

This record has been many years in the making and I have many people to thank. These songs would still be ideas filed on my computer were it not for their support and encouragement. The one person in the world who knew how easy it would have been, and how often I was tempted, to just let it go is my wife, Martha. As I said in the song, she is truly God smiling at me.

Of course, all of my kids and grandkids have been wonderful, albeit likely curious as to what exactly has been going on in the old man's brain. They are my advisory board and their input is evident all throughout the record - subject matter, lyric reviews, and my daughters sing on it, as well. Beautifully, if I say so myself.

Another person, without whom this record would still be a figment of my imagination, is Luke DeJaynes. It is so rare for a musician to find another that thinks and feels - and performs - exactly the way they do. He is a very skilled musician and producer, but he brought more than that. Luke gave so much for this record because he simply loved the music we were making together. I can hear it. And I hope you can too.

I have Luke to thank for introducing another very special player to the record - the late, and very great Jorge Casas. Jorge was a founding member and bandleader of the Miami Sound Machine, and a close friend of Luke's. Martha and I met Jorge when he came into Luke's Nashville studio for the session and to say I was a bit starstruck is putting it mildly. But Jorge was a humble, wonderful man and I will treasure our day working together forever. I am so honored to have his work on the record. 

Luke likes to say that we have his 3 favorite bass players in the world on the record - Jorge, Luke's brother Mark, and his good friend Ramiro Vasquez. One of the objectives Luke and I had from the onset was to make a record with great energy. The way all of these men played bass is a major reason I believe that goal was met. And I thank them for that.

Another thing I wanted in the record was great guitar playing. I grew up under the influence of the legendary guitarists of the 70s and 80s and even though I play keyboards, I wanted a more guitar centric record. I'm thrilled with their work, and if you like to pull out the air guitar - I think there might be some solos to play along with!

It started with my old friend and bandmate, Steve Dee. This record wasn't even a dream yet when I sent him "Better Late Than Never". His work on the song is the reason I thought maybe we'd keep going! And I think you'll agree with me that not only is Luke a great drummer, he's a pretty hot guitarist. And then we were joined by Adam Hawley. It's an interesting story how the #1 contemporary jazz guitarist in the industry came to play on my record, and I'll tell you all about it in my blog. A common trait of all great jazz players is that they elevate every song they play on. And I'm thrilled that Adam elevated 4 of the songs on the record.

I wanted sax on "The Dream" and naturally Luke knew who to ask - Chris West. If you ever watched the TV show "Nashville" you likely saw Chris a few times. That session ended with Chris playing on 4 songs. I think he's the real deal and I hope you enjoy his playing as much as I do.

Last, but certainly not least, are my two daughters - Kate Klefstad and Kayla Jones. We've sung together for all of their lives and I'm very proud of their contributions to Dad's record. I think it's pretty cool to hear them on the same song (The Dream) as A-list players like Jorge Casas, Adam Hawley, and Chris West. Yep, I'm the proud papa....what can I say?

As you can likely tell, I'm very proud of the musicians and the musicianship on the record. I pinch myself everyday to think of these people playing my songs and bringing them to life. It may be cliche, but it really is a dream come true for me. We loved making the record. And we hope you enjoy it. Thank you for listening.

Maiden Voyage

All songs were written by Steve Prottsman

Steve Prottsman: Lead vocals, all keys, acoustic guitar, and percussion.

Luke DeJaynes: All drums, electric and acoustic guitar, and percussion

Jorge Casas: Bass, fretless bass

Mark DeJaynes: Bass

Ramiro Vasquez: Bass

Adam Hawley: Electric guitar

Steve Dee: Electric guitar

Chris West: Tenor and baritone sax

Kate Klefstad and Kayla Jones: Background vocals


Steve Prottsman recorded all vocals, keys, and his acoustic guitar and percussion in The Toy Room Studios, Burt, IA, USA

Luke DeJaynes recorded all drums, bass, and sax, and his percussion and guitars in his studio, The Groove Kitchen, Murfreesboro, TN, USA

Adam Hawley and Steve Dee recorded their guitars in their personal studios in Los Angeles, CA, USA, and San Diego CA, USA, respectively.


Steve Prottsman and Luke DeJaynes: Co-Producers

Luke DeJaynes: Mixing Engineer

Ben Kesler: Mastering Engineer

Kacie Eckermann: Photography

Kayla Jones: Cover Art



Piano - 2

the dream

Steve Prottsman: Vocals, Keys, Percussion

Luke DeJaynes: Drums, percussion

Jorge Casas: Bass

Adam Hawley: Guitars

Chris West: tenor Sax

Kate Klefstad and Kayla Jones: BGV

verse one

No worry, no hurry

There's no better place to go

The waves just roll

And sing their magic song to me

A timeless harmony



In my mind

The world just fades away

And I find my paradise

Where everything I see

Is so beautiful

Just like the dream


verse two

I know, in my soul

There's no other place like home

La douceur du foyer (home, sweet home)

I know life's been good to me

And I have all I need

True love and happiness

And the best is coming yet


chorus (repeat)

In my mind

The world just fades away

And I find my paradise

Where everything I see

Is so beautiful

Just like the dream



thank you, anyway

steve prottsman: lead vocals, keys

luke dejaynes: drums, electric guitar

mark dejaynes: bass

chris west: tenor and baritone saxes


verse one

You think you think you know 

What's best for me and my life 

If you cared, which I know you don't 

You'd spare me the nickel advice 


You don't even know who I am 

Just who you think I should be 

For now, I'm a happy man 

That's good enough for me 



I'll live my own life, thank you 

I'll think with my own mind, 

So, thank you, my friend 

This is the end 


The truth can be hard to take 

But you'll be just fine 

You've had your say 

But not today 

Cause this is my life  

But thank you, anyway 


verse two 

It's hard to find yourself 

Sometimes life sneaks up and just rips it out 

It's tough when there's no one else 

Who knows what you're all about 


What say we make a deal? 

And go our separate ways 

You be you and I'll be me 

There's nothing left to say 





Goodbye can be really sad 

It's rough, but it's time that we move along 

It's hard to forget the past 

But life carries on 


I think I'm gonna …. be on my way   

Get down the road 

Good-bye yesterday 

Tomorrow says hello



our hearts know

steve prottsman: lead vocals, keys, moog bass

luke dejaynes: drums, acoustic guitar

ramiro vasquez: bass

adam hawley: electric guitars

kayla jones: bgv


verse one

I feel your smile when you're kissin' me 

I read your lips when they're touching mine 

You speak no words

and my heart can hear just fine 


I see your soul each time our eyes meet 

A love song’s there, written deep inside 

I close my eyes

and my heart can read each line 



Words flying everywhere 

Words very real but unspoken 

Words we can feel, words only we can share 



Our hearts know every line 

We're writing our life song together 

Our hearts know only perfect rhyme 


verse two

I dreamt another line last night 

Your warm embrace says you sang it too 

A kiss good morning

and I know my dream came true 


We sit and drink

and wake our minds together 

And share each other's dreams 

Another new day, and brand-new ways,  

We can say what our love means 






Your beauty’s there

Right there in a heart that overflows

Touching souls in ways

Our hearts know

life changes colors

steve prottsman: lead vocals, keys, acoustic guitar

luke dejaynes: drums, electric guitar

steve dee: electric guitar

mark dejaynes: bass


verse one

There you sit by yourself, all alone

Fun's just dancin' by

Sure, it's true, you don't have any moves

So you don't even try



You're just wastin' time, watchin' life roll by

Get up and dance before the music is over



Don't be shy, nobody really cares

Close your eyes, no one is even there

Life gets better if we just let go

and take a chance

Life changes colors when we dance


verse two

You need someone who makes your heart dance

Take 'em by the hand

Take a chance

Find romance in a love song that never ends






first Bridge

Dancin's hard sometimes

This whole world's full of fear

And makes no sense at all

Dance outside the lines

And all your hurt disappears




second Bridge

So why don't we just let it go

Why, why can't we just let it go, and dance

Why, why don't we just let it go

Why, why can't we just let it go and dance

house of mirrors

steve prottsman: lead vocals, keys

luke dejaynes: drums, electric guitar

ramiro vasquez: bass

adam hawley: electric guitar


verse one

life's a circus, three rings all at one time 

lions and tigers, come one, come all 

death defying feats of great danger,  

lose your balance, no net for the fall 


rings of fire and flying knives 

blinded and mesmerized 

feels like it's real 

but you're takin' a ride on the Ferris wheel 



take a good look around 

see that you're living in a House of Mirrors 

everything's upside down 

nothing's the way that it really appears 

here comes the circus clown 

with his painted-on smile

and a heart full of tears 

he's got the ticket so come on down 

it's the only show in town 

but there's nothing inside

if you open your eyes 



verse two

doors wide open, but once you get in there 

it's a maze, one way in, no way out 

lost in the crowd, all alone  

temptation all around 


sometimes it's hard to get enough  

of something that almost works 

feels like it's  real 

but you're takin' a ride on the Ferris wheel 





there is nothing magic here 

everything you see

is really smoke and mirrors 

there is nothing magic here 

there's nothing real inside

if you just open up your eyes 

better late than never

steve prottsman: lead vocals, keys, acoustic guitar

luke dejaynes: drums

mark dejaynes: bass

steve dee: guitar


verse one

I always thought I'd have so much time 

Next thing I know it’s now 

For far too long I've been miles behind 

It's time to catch up somehow 



Better late, than never at all 

Why waste, even one more day 

Can't wait, to get on my way 

It's better late, than never at all 

It's better late, than not at all 


verse two

Sometimes I wonder why that's not me 

But this is my life instead 

It's never too late if I just believe 

The song isn't over yet 





All my life 

I've watched and wondered why 

I don't even try 

To fight the fight 

For the future in my mind 

Still chasin' dreams I left behind 


BRIDGE2 (repeat)

Don't wait forever, afraid you might take a fall 

Better late than never, than doing nothing at all 

Don't wait forever, leaving life undone 

Better late than never, don't be late or it's gone 

the answer

steve prottsman: vocals, acoustic guitar, keys

luke dejaynes: drums, percussion

ramiro vasquez: bass

kate klefstad & kayla jones: bgv


verse one

I was a lonely fool

Praying that God agreed

With all of the plans for my life

And everything I'd need

We were from different worlds

I was a dreamer chasin' stars

You were the girl next door

wearing plaid

And we weren't gettin' far


But God has funny ways

And He'd made different plans

I clearly heard Him say

My lonely days were done,

'Cause you were the one



You were the answer from heaven

You were the one and only girl

You were the answer then

and you're the answer still

You were the answer then

and you're the answer still


verse two

You smiled, I fell

I floated in most everyday

I didn't know that "maybe sometime"

Meant "no way"

You were so beautiful

But finally, I could see

The love that you were dreaming of

Was not a man like me


And so, I walked away

And climbed down from the clouds

But then as clear as day

The thought came to my mind

'Just ask her one last time'




1st Bridge

Sometimes we face the fight

Sometimes we run away

Sometimes it’s hard to know what's right

Or what to say

But we find the answer and believe…..

….. in us

I believe forever love

I believe in us

I believe forever love




You are the answer

You are God smilin' at me

You are the answer

to why I live and breathe

don't look back

steve prottsman: lead vocals, keys

luke dejaynes: drums, electric guitar

mark dejaynes: bass


verse one

Climbin' down the wall and off into the night 

Sneak the neighbor's car back home by dawn 

Dodgin' law and hoods just looking for a fight 

Without the Lord above, I know I'm good as gone 



I'm leaving all my past behind 

Need to keep all of that out of my mind 

Today's what counts 

That was way back when, 

Don't look back again, oh no, no, no 


verse two 

I was on the outside of an inside joke on me 

I didn't get it, life went over my head 

I guess it's funny

so won't someone tell me, please 

What's the punchline cause I haven't got it yet 




first Bridge 

Life's too short 

What's done is done 

No regrets, no excuses 

It's time to cut and run 


Don't look back 

What's gone is gone 

Learn the lessons well 

And just keep movin' on 




second Bridge 

Keep your eyes where you're goin' 

Who cares where you've been 

Just don't look back again 


No, no, no, don't give in 

No, no, no, don't look back again 

time goes by

steve prottsman: lead vocals, keys, percussion

luke dejaynes: drums

jorge casas: fretless bass

adam hawley: guitar

chris west: tenor sax


verse one

Children’s stories never

Take our hearts and break them

We believe in nursery rhymes

And fairy tales with happy endings

Scene one, you’re all alone

Then the torn-out pages

The rest are filled with lines

Of suffering, fear, and pain


And time goes by

And the story we see unfold

What’s it all mean?

Can we love you enough that you heal

Your precious, broken soul


verse two

Where did those pages go?

Truth is where you’ll find them

Can’t rewrite the past

But we can write a better end


And time goes by

And the story we see unfold

We try to understand

How your pain became life

You’ll never cry alone



This will be a long story

For now, let’s just get through the day

Hard questions with hard answers

And they’re just not going away

You’re reaching, we’re reaching back

We’re here, just know that we’ll stay

It’s hard when you don’t know why

You feel such helplessness


And time goes by

And the story we see unfold

Right before our eyes

When the last scene is over

Love will find its way

Love will find its way

not much is changin'

steve prottsman: lead vocals, keys, acoustic guitar

luke dejaynes: drums, electric guitar

mark dejaynes: bass

chris west: tenor sax


verse one

If the world could change itself

It would have happened by now

Every day we tell ourselves

That its gotta change somehow

No, we can't beat time

And we can't escape the past

Can we still make it right?

Cause the future's comin' fast



Nothing stays the same

But have we  really changed

Where's the love

In a world full of strangers

Too many mamas cryin'

Makes you wonder why

All this time,

And not much is changin'


I know there's still hope out there

it's just hard to find sometimes


verse two

Some days I can barely look

And watch a world going mad

Lies now stand where truth once stood

It's just hard to understand

Where'd it go so wrong

How'd it ever get this far

Is it really gone

Is this truly who we are





Can't keep going nowhere

Down this dead-end road

I believe we still care

I can still see hope

I see it right there in our children's eyes,

Looking at us, asking us why

Oh, why? Why can't we find the love?

There's no good answer why

We've had enough time

We need to find it


If we don't love the one

we're not supposed to love

If we don't say

what we're not supposed to say

If we don't try some things

we've never tried before

Trot out the same old lines,

then not much is changin'