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What Listeners Are Saying ...

Wow - this rocks, Steve!

Richard - Soundcloud listener, on "Thank You, Anyway"

Dang, I love this song! So great!

Rob - Audio Mix Club, on "Life Changes Color"

...your vocal style. If I heard one of your tunes on the radio, I'd know that was Steve Prottsman. So unique and easy to listen to. I love what you're doing, Steve.

Rick - Audio Mix Club

Do you record in the same studio Toto used to record in? This is a 10 for me!

Tyler - Recording Revolution VIP, on "Not Much Is Changin"

Sounds awesome … so nice to hear someone using real musicians!!! Really good musicians!

Mike - Recording Revolution VIP

Aah yes, another song in the true "Steve Prottsman" style and quality with great players. Great song, great performance.

Tod - Recording Revolution VIP, on "Not Much Is Changin"

Very well written, performed, and mixed. Gives me a definite Bruce Hornsby kind of vibe. 

Dave - Recording Revolution VIP

Steve, you are one of the most incredible musicians I have ever been associated with. Goosebumps. Your songs resonate with me so much!

Richard - Recording Revolution VIP, on "Not Much Is Changin"

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