The Voyage

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Home For Sale

This was a big, big week. I had big plans for this week’s blog, but life got in the way....
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Let’s Write a Song: Getting to the Heart of It

Every song needs a strong heart If we consider the chorus to be the heart of a song, I concluded...
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Let’s Write a Song: 3 for 1

In the end, it's pretty simple When Marth and I first started drinking wine, we just liked what we liked...
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Let’s Write a Song: The Groove

Songwriting 101: Where do we start? After reading last week’s blog, my wife Martha asked a simple question – “is...
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Let’s Write A Song

Interested in having input into directional decisions on a song for the next record? If so, read on! If not,...
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House of Mirrors

Nothin’s The Way That It Really Appears There are many songs that have a combination of sunny, lighthearted music and...
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I am a singer-songwriter from Iowa, USA. "Maiden Voyage" is my debut record, which will be released on my 66th birthday. The years and experiences that have led me to this point, and launching the record, certainly feels like a voyage to me and I hope - via this blog - that you will embark on this exciting adventure with me!